Crazy Ambition

I need a job.  Or, I need to create an income stream by ardently pursuing some deep passion.  In the mean time…I procrastinate (productively) by scheming over my ideal wardrobe.  I will need a work wardrobe, and a play wardrobe.  I started by taking classes at my local community college.  The college is a wonderful resource with a crackerjack fashion department.  I’m so lucky!  I just finished a flat pattern class for pants.  I now have a good slacks pattern customized for me and a good jeans pattern.  I’m refining them as a sew through pair after pair of pants.

I am feeling empowered by this education (Linda Maynard, you are a Goddess). I will be taking moulage next term and I can’t wait!  I now have a crazy ambition to create my dream wardrobe.  Hoping I’ll still have time to look for a job/develop my public speaking career/write a book/develop my other blog!

Here it is:

My Crazy Ambition: Build This Business Wardrobe


More Crazy Ambition: Build This Casual Wardrobe

Please note:  I do not aspire to making the shoes.  Those I will buy.  The rest…fair game.  We’ll see how far I get.

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